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Exhibitor/Publisher Terms of Agreement 


Booth Space Assignment


ARCON requires an exhibitor/sponsor interest process. Applicants must review our terms and submit their interest to exhibit at ARCON. ARCON will review all applicants and if approved, an email confirming approval and payment instructions will be sent.  


Booth Space Pricing


The following exhibitor spaces are being offered at $300 per 10'x10' booth for the event.

The booth price includes two exhibitor badges, one 6 ft. x 24 in. draped table and two chairs. No electricity.  

*Optional services available, per the pricing table.


Exhibitor Badges


● Badges will be available for pick-up at the Registration Desk in the Main Lobby.


Public Announcements


With the exception of select ARCON announcements only, ARCON will be an announcement free convention. Please do not ask ARCON to make announcements for you, your booths, your scheduled events, your scheduled tournaments, your sales, etc. It is your responsibility to make sure your events are submitted for program scheduling prior to the convention. Advertisements, your personal event schedules, etc. can be distributed via the convention swag bag, or via flyers at your table.


Exhibitor Hours & Security


Exhibitors may set up their booth starting at 5pm Thursday (July 23).  

Exhibitors hours will run from 10am-6pm (Fri.), 10am-6pm (Sat.) and 10am-4pm (Sun.), The main gaming hall will be open 24 hours. There will be a divider that separates the dealer area from the main gaming area. It will be opened at 10am daily and closed at 6pm (Fri.-Sat.) and 5pm on Sunday.  

All exhibitors must vacate the space after closing on Sunday.


General Rules and Regulations


● Exhibitors agree not to compete. No exhibitor is permitted to sell the products and/or games of another publisher that is actively exhibiting during the convention without explicit permission given by the publisher prior to or during the con. Please check the list of publishers prior to the convention.

● Advertisement materials of any kind are permitted only within the exhibiting company’s space, at exhibitor sponsored events, as part of the convention swag bag, or at the table designated for promotions near the Registration Desk. No material may be posted on convention walls, fixtures, or furniture. Violators are responsible for all fees and damages incurred from the removal of such postings.

● Banners (popup or otherwise) and other company promotional materials are not permitted in the open gaming areas under any circumstance, unless you’ve contracted with and paid ARCON for such permission. Violators will first be given a warning and asked to remove the items. Repeat violations will have their badges revoked and will be asked to leave the convention.

● Adhesive stickers are prohibited in the convention area. Exhibitors are liable for all costs and expenses associated with sticker removal.

● Absolutely no selling or soliciting is allowed outside of rented booth spaces.

● Exhibitors must comply with, and be bound by, all laws, ordinances, and regulations of the country, state, county, city, facility, and, whenever applicable, police and fire departments.

● Authorized company representatives are expected to staff exhibits during pre-established exhibitor hours. Those hours will not exceed eight hours each day. Where this is not practical, merchandise should be covered to indicate a closed booth.

● No exhibitor or member of an exhibit may promote, display, or behave in a manner considered offensive to decency or good taste as determined by ARCON Management.

● Demonstrations and all other activities must be confined to the limits of exhibitors’ booths. Aisles may not be obstructed at any time. Exhibitors may not conduct activities of any kind that lead to congestion of aisle traffic.

● Music and or recordings may not be played without the consent of ARCON.

● Attendees and exhibitors are expressly prohibited from carrying weapons and/or weapon replicas. Weapons on display must be secured to tables or display for safety.

● Drug paraphernalia, consisting of equipment, product, or material that is manufactured or modified for making, using, or concealing illegal drugs, is prohibited at ARCON and may result in removal from the convention.

● Exhibitors are generally expected to remain until at least noon on the final day. The removal of exhibits and materials prior to noon on the final day is permitted only with prior approval from ARCON Management.


Banner and Display Standards


● All exhibit decorations must meet fireproof standards and city fire ordinances. Applicable certification must be presented upon request.


Security and Liability


● Exhibitors are solely responsible for paying all applicable city, county, state, and federal taxes on sales and promotional activities at ARCON.

● ARCON is not responsible for any injury to exhibitors’ agents, servants, employees, or damage to or theft of property from any cause prior to, during, or subsequent to ARCON. Exhibitors hereby expressly agree to indemnify and hold harmless ARCON against any and all claims for such loss, damage, or injury.

● Exhibitors are required to insure their own exhibits, display material merchandise, and personnel. Exhibitors agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless ARCON against any and all claims for loss, damage, or injury associated with exhibitor’s vehicles, property, personnel, events, and general conduct at the event. In the event that ARCON or the owners of the convention site are held liable for reasons caused or aggravated by exhibitor’s action or failure to act in any manner whatsoever, said exhibitors shall reimburse ARCON and/or the convention-site owners for all costs incurred.

● Exhibitors are fully responsible for any loss, damage, or injury to the convention-site owners or personnel resulting from exhibitors’ displays or actions.

● Exhibitors are fully responsible for any loss, damage, or injury to ARCON attendees resulting from exhibitors’ displays or actions.

● Exhibitors are liable to the convention services firm for any and all damage, from whatever cause, to rented or leased booth equipment and shall indemnify, defend, or hold harmless ARCON against any and all claims or suits for such damage.

● ARCON reserves the right to cancel arrangements or contracts or close an exhibit whenever it is deemed necessary for the safety or comfort of those attending ARCON whenever the exhibit, activity, or material sold is objectionable or offensive to the average person attending ARCON, whenever legal conditions, convention policies, or requirements of the convention site so dictate, or whenever portions of the convention site are destroyed or damaged.

● Likewise, ARCON reserves the right to cancel arrangements, contracts, or exhibits if ARCON fails to take place as scheduled, is interrupted and/or discontinued, or access to the premises is prevented or interfered with by reason of any strike, lock out, act of war, act of God, emergency declared by a government agency or ARCON Management, or for any other reason that terminates this contract.

● Exhibitors will comply with all laws of the United States as well as all applicable state or local ordinances, rules, and requirements of police and fire departments or other authorities of such jurisdictions, will obtain all necessary permits and licenses with respect to their activities, and will not do or suffer to be done anything during the term of this agreement in violation of any such laws, ordinances, rules, or regulations. If the attention of said exhibitors is called to any such violation committed by said exhibitors, or committed by any person employed by or admitted to the premises by said exhibitors, said exhibitors will immediately desist and correct, or cause to be corrected, such violation. Exhibitors agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless ARCON from any and all costs, suits, and legal proceedings alleging violations of any such law or regulation.

● Use of any product by any exhibitor, employee, or agent thereof containing the ARCON trademark, the ARCON logotype, or other trademarks owned by ARCON is prohibited without the express written permission of the ARCON. Exhibitors agree that if any materials making such unauthorized use appear at the convention, ARCON shall have the right to take possession of and destroy all such materials, as well as to pursue other available legal remedies.

● All matters and questions not covered by this application and these terms are subject to the decision of ARCON Management.

● Exhibitors agree to abide by and conform to all additional rules and regulations from time to time adopted or prescribed by ARCON for the management of ARCON and the exhibit areas.


Exhibitors acknowledge that they have read the preceding terms and conditions, expressly agree to comply with them, and authorize ARCON to enforce them.

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